“A woman who’s done her make-up won’t leave her house without the finishing touch: lipstick. The same applies to my jewellery: it’s an unfailing part of a woman’s image; it completes the look, and makes each one unique and sophisticated.” - Mike Saatji

Mike Saatji, Creative Director of Mike Joseph Jewellery, has dedicated the last 25 years to honing his expertise in the design and making of fine jewelry. Born in Armenia to a family of jewelers, Mike spent every spare moment of his formative years at the jeweler’s bench. As he grew, what began as a childhood hobby blossomed into a lifelong passion and pursuit.

To this end, he embarked on a multi-year apprenticeship, studying in multiple cities, under various masters, whereby he “filled his hand” with skills. Captivated by the power and magnetism of diamonds and colored gemstones, he focused on creative ways to incorporate them into his designs. Over time, intent on mastering the intricacies of jewellery making, he gained the experience necessary to become a professional jeweler.

Having completed these academic endeavors, Mike opened his own manufactory with his brother, Joseph. With laser focus and unparalleled discipline, paired with his unwavering prioritization of high quality and a distinctive aesthetic, he transformed his passion into a viable undertaking. Through tireless work, a creative approach, and an unconventional design sense, Mike’s jewellery business grew exponentially

In 2015, Mike won first place in the ‘Gold Jewellery Below $20,000’ category at the Couture Design Awards competition in Las Vegas. This award, along with his previous accomplishments, served as the springboard for the creation of the Mike Joseph Jewellery brand, a new chapter in Mike Saatji’s life. In 2018, his visionary Amante necklace won the ‘Diamonds Above $20,000’ category award at the Couture Design Awards. Since then, the brand has continued to flourish with an ever-evolving line of fresh, boundary-breaking designs.

“I love working with contrasts and creating jewelry that is both powerful and subtle. My creations are meant to become a part of the wearer’s image; not just to be worn on special occasions. Mike Joseph Jewellery captures people’s hearts and wins them over,” says Mike.

Innovative. Avant-garde. A celebration of individuality.
When you think of jewelry, think of Mike Saatji.